Guided city tour

From the roman Augusta Treverorum to the modern Trier

As our guest, you will find yourself at the intersection of the two great Roman main streets and in the heart of ancient Trier - at the Forum. An ideal starting point for exploring the city.
As an archaeologist, I would like to give you an understanding of the development of Germany's oldest city from Roman antiquity to the modern age in our city tours of Trier, but certainly taking into consideration the latest archaeological excavations and discoveries.
With its UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Trier has outstanding monuments of European history. There are not many cities in Europe where you can walk through a Roman city gate and visit a Roman throneroom from the inside. In small groups you will visit Roman baths, ancient and medieval squares, as well as church complexes and architecture spanning two millennia.
I look forward to welcoming you as individual guests or groups on our guided tours.

Stephan Ackermann 


Guided tours for our house guests are available daily.


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