Restaurants in Trier


Brasserie Trier
offers vegetarian and vegan dishes
Fleischstr. 12, 54290 Trier
+49 651/978000


offers vegetarian and vegan dishes
Nagelstr. 18, 54290 Trier
+49 651/99466341


Aleppo Restaurant 

Stockplatz 1, 54290 Trier

+49 651/40444








Weinwirtschaft Friedrich Wilhelm
Weberbach 75, 54290 Trier
+49 651/99474800


Yong Yong (Asian food)
offers vegetarian, vegan
and gluten free dishes
Neustr. 39-40, 54290 Trier
+49 651/1453158


Restaurant Kartoffel Kiste

Fahrstraße 13, 54290 Trier

+49 651/9790066


Pizzeria Restaurant Frankenturm
Dietrichstr. 3, 54290 Trier
+49 651/978240


Winetasting and wine bars

Experience and enjoy the wines and specialties of the Moselle.


Trier as one of the largest growing communities on the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer, the classic Riesling growing area, is considered the cradle of German wine culture. Everything that relates to wine, wine history and customs in Germany has its origin in Trier.

As a special offer for all wine lovers and those who want to become one, the Association of Olewiger Winzer e.V. maintains the Trier wine trail.

Starting in the immediate vicinity of the Roman amphitheater, you will learn about the cultivation and life of the grapevine over a length of approx. 1600 m. Along the way you will find information on grape varieties, climate and soil conditions on many information boards, e.g. B. on the Devonian slate typical of the Moselle, which has a high heat storage capacity and thus favors the microclimate in the vineyard.

In every season you experience the special charm of the landscape when the vines are cut in winter, the ground is plowed in spring or the young shoots are tied up in summer.

You will experience the versatility of the winemaker's work in the vineyard, from training methods, direct and cable pull systems, new systems, fertilization to grape harvest, when the fruits of a whole year’s work are brought in as the crowning glory.

The city center offers you a variety of restaurants where you can porb the wines of the region with all kinds of delicacies.






Wine bars for pleasant evenings


Das Weinhaus

with restaurant
Brückenstr. 7, 54290 Trier
+49 651/1704924


Ju zwölf
Palaststr. 12, 54290 Trier
+49 651/43695991


Weinstube Kesselstatt

with restaurant
Liebfrauenstr. 10, 54209 Trier
+49 651/41178


Oechsle Wein- & Fischhaus

Palaststr. 5-7, 54290 Trier

+49 651/99 17 555

 Winetasting at the winery


Weingut von Nell
Im Tiergarten 12, 54295 Trier-Olewig
+ 49 651/32397





Weingut Peter Terges

Olewiger Str. 145, 54295 Trier

+49 651/31096


Weingut Deutschherrenhof
Olewigerstraße 181, 54290 Trier-Olewig
+49 651/31113


Bischhöfliche Weingüter Trier

Gervasiusstraße 1, 54290 Trier

+49 651/14576-0


Vereinigte Hospitien

Krahnenufer 19, 54290 Trier

+49 651/945 1210