bike trails



Highlights: Moselle river bends, vineyards

Distance: 39,1km
Difficulty: easy


Highlights: Diana monument, gravel graves, Maria Theresa stone and Bollendorf castle.
Distance: 61km
Difficulty: easy

Highlights: Waterfall in Saarburg, ruins, forests, rocky landscape and sunlit vineyards.
Distance: 111km + 8,1km to Konz
Difficulty: easy

Auf den Spuren der Römer 

Highlights: Kaiservilla Konz, temple complex, wine village Nittel.

Distance: 32,6km + 8,1km to Konz
Difficulty: medium

Radelspass - Grenzregion erleben 
Highlights: Moselle shore, Igel column, mouth of the river Saarm and Konz market place.
Distance: 46,5km + 8,1km to Konz
Difficulty: easy

Trier-Zewen (Schloss Monaise) – Saarburg
Highlights: Monaise Castle, Saarburg Old Town and Kanzem Lock.
Distance: 35,3km +8,1km to Konz
Difficulty: easy

Sterntour rund um Trier
Highlights: historic railroad line of the Ruwer-Hochwald-Bahn, Grimburg Castle, monastery courtyards in Kasel, churches worth seeing, a spring bog, the reservoir near Kell and the Sommerau waterfall.
Distance: 59,4km
Difficulty: easy

Radelspaß Ruwer-Hochwald
Highlights: Saarbourg, Moselle, Saar, Demanding altitude profile
Distance: 80km
Difficulty: difficult